U2 and Football: A Passion — Part 2 (2021 version)

Fernanda Bottini
3 min readMay 14, 2021


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Music and football are my passions. Since the childhood, all my memories have both subjects involved. Some of you may remember I was member of @U2 team (atu2.com), the most relevant U2 fan site. And during the last World Cup, in Russia, I wrote one of my favorite articles. Maybe it’s just a coincidence — or not — but that article about U2’s connection with football was the most successful piece I wrote in the site; and also here at Medium when I re-posted it.

You can check it in this link.

Now I’m very pleased to add something new in this story. Bono and The Edge were invited by Dutch DJ Martin Garrix to feature the official UEFA EURO 2020 song “We Are The People.” The collaboration evolved with Bono writing lyrics and melodies, and Edge creating the leading guitar riffs.

“So now everyone knows what we have been doing during the lockdown,” said The Edge. “We had a lot of fun working with Martin on this track. I can’t wait to get stuck into a bit of football this summer.”

Bono also talked about this feeling: “The roar of the crowd is what unites music and football, something both communities have been denied by this horrible little virus that’s done so much damage to so many. We’d like to think our tune comes at a time when people are starting to come together again… even if it’s in competition.”

I totally agree with Bono’s thought. We’ve been for such difficult times… Music and football are important tools to keep us sane. Music and football combine emotion and passion. Music and football have the power of bringing people together.

And what about “We Are The People”, do you like it? In my humble opinion, it’s a great song for this moment we’re living. I have to say I’m not a big fan of DJs, and I know U2 have been trying to reach young audience by remixing some of their songs in the latest years. I don’t think this contact with relevant DJs has been positive for them. I mean, I don’t think the band earned more fans because of these features.

However, I must say that now the situation looks different to me. First, it’s a new song. A new song for a tournament. This is important. Besides, Martin Garrix seems to be a perfect match to Bono and The Edge. Of course, it’s not U2’s traditional sound. It’s more “popular” and “catching.” But I think this is good. It’s been a while since U2 released new music. We missed them. I missed them a lot! I believe all fans were anxious about a new project. So, it’s amazing to hear Bono’s voice again and Edge’s guitar again. It’s wonderful to see they’re healthy, still great and they’re coming back.

Some parts of the world are returning to normal life. Sadly, here in Brazil the pandemic is still out of control and, unfortunately, I can’t see when this is going to change. But in some countries live shows are happening safely. It comforts a little bit to know that. A football tournament with a song which celebrates friendship and resilience gives me hope. Hope about better days. It’s not been easy to believe in that right now, but U2 have this power to fill my heart with love. That’s what I need now. That’s what a lot of people need too.



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